Who is this Chris Shopland Extempore Art person anyways?

Hello, I'm Chris, an artist from Bristol, U.K. Art has been my passion from a young age, and I hold a degree in illustration. While my preferred medium is acrylic, these days I tend to use whatever medium the subject matter demands. I love exploring various styles, from painting stylized portraits and cosmic beings to capturing the beauty of the world around me. Additionally, I have a soft spot for creating pet portraits that bring joy to pet owners, connecting with them over our shared love of furry friends (dogs, cats, birds, and all creatures in between). As the years have passed, art has grown to become more than just a creative outlet for me. It has become a powerful tool that allows me to express and understand my experiences with ADHD. Through my art, I can bring images to life, conjure whole new worlds, and capture the innate beauty that surrounds us when we take the time to notice the small and magnificent details. After a rather substantial break of four years following university deadlines, I quickly realized that something was missing in my life without art. Since then, I've been painting most days, rediscovering my artistic flow and immersing myself in this wonderful form of expression. While I do sell my artwork on occasion, I embrace the unpredictable nature of the journey, cherishing the connections I make with others who share an appreciation for art's wonder. I'm a natural lover of people, and art provides a beautiful way to connect and share this shared interest in visual marvels. Through this blog, I have a unique outlet for expressing thoughts and ideas that videos simply can't capture. Each medium has its strengths, and I find that words flow more freely here, allowing me to articulate my thoughts more deeply. In my creative process, I firmly believe that sketchbooks should be messy and serve as a playground for exploring ideas. Experimentation is the heart of true artistic growth, whether I'm working on a canvas or a final piece. The collaboration between the paint, the muse, and the artist is a beautiful dance, sometimes feeling like I'm merely a channel, and other times fully aware of my presence in the creation. All experiences are welcome in the journey of art. For me, art is more than just amusement; it is a means to calm my mind and make sense of the world around me. It helps me bring forth the visual ideas that appear in my mind's eye. Growing up undiagnosed with ADHD, I always felt different without understanding why. Art became my refuge for processing thoughts and emotions, and through this blog, I aspire to delve deeper into those thoughts and express them more profoundly than I can in this "about me" section. Summing up oneself in an "about me" section can be challenging, whether on an art blog or anywhere that asks, "tell me about yourself." Nevertheless, I hope this blog allows me to share my artistic journey and connect with others who appreciate the beauty and therapeutic power of art. Let's embark on a journey of creativity and understanding together, exploring the boundless possibilities that art offers.